Wink Progress

With the Wink rooted, my next goal is to get it onto a local network. I’ve put the Raspberry Pi onto an older router by wired Ethernet and reconfigured it to act as a non-broadcast SSID on a different ip range than my regular wifi. Then I began to wrestle with the Wink. 

I created a new /database/wpa_supplicant.conf several times, both via curl and direct entry in VI. Every restart it disappears and I haven’t figured out why, yet. I edited the /etc/init.d/S31…. to first rename the delete command target to .conf1, and later commented out the entire IF statement, but it’s still disappearing. I finally made a backup of my conf file, and tested it directly with ‘wpa_supplicant -B -c/database/wpa_supplicant.conf’. It connected properly (although I had to edit to change the static IP and SSID and test again). 

Now I need to figure out why it is deleting the conf file at boot instead of firing up wpa_supplicant.