Category: Home Automation

First Boot!

Happy Birthday to me! Raspberry Pi 2 arrived today, and I set to it as soon as I had enough blood in my coffee stream.  Got the microSD card configured with the version of Raspbian Wheezy recommended at openWink and ran through their customization process.  Everything went well to this point. Plugged in the Wink Hub with […]

Project Idea: Smart Shower

Objective Create a smart shower control system. System sets the shower to a specified temperature and pressure, and maintains them as input water conditions change (hot water runs low, etc.). Remembers personal preferences for several different people. Components raspberry pi waterproof display waterproof control buttons immersed water temperature sensor (wired) inline water pressure sensor 2-3 […]

The Beginning

Adventures in home automation with Raspberry Pi, openHAB, a rooted Wink Hub, and Lowes Iris modules… The idea of home automation has excited and inspired me for years, but X-10 never really hooked me.  As zigbee and z-wave began to gain traction, it felt like the technologies were too immature and incompatible to be worth investing […]