Tribe Community Events Spam Killer

Tribe Community Events Spam Killer user interface screenshot
User Interface Screenshot

Tribe Community Events Spam Killer eliminates most spam from fake event submissions.

Community Events by Modern Tribe is a great plugin, allowing your users to contribute event listings on your site! It’s also easily susceptible to spam attacks, and many of our clients have found themselves overwhelmed with garbage events. One site was choked down with over a million spam entries in ‘usermeta’ due to almost 90,000 fake event submissions.

Tribe Community Events Spam Killer is a simple, lightweight solution with minimal impact on your users and staff. It adds a single checkbox to the end of the Community Events submission form. This checkbox is added in a way that most spam bots overlook, and provides a reliable method of filtering out most fake submissions.

The plugin admin page allows you to review a log of blocked spam events, to reset the log file, and to randomize your spam filter code — if the spam bots begin to evade plugin by forging a checkbox click, simply randomize the code and you’re back in business.